Why choose Stephen as my coach?

As referenced by on the BBC, Stephen is the ‘UK’s most successful life coach’. He has toured Europe with award winning singer Akon as a backstage performance coach. He has shared the stage with Eric Thomas and Les Brown. He actively coaches a plethora of professionals including multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, teachers and doctors. Those on the edge of suicide and professional athletes on the edge of victory. A lecturer on confidence at London’s prestigious university UCL. Stephen is the guy people call when they want results!

“Coaching is about Burning the Bullshit that plagues the mind and achieving the life that you deserve…before you die.”

-Stephen Doran

What is Coaching?

So many people have definitions as to what coaching really is all about. We believe coaching is about facilitating someone in reaching their true potential. Often it is an individual’s thoughts and not their reality, which prevent them from achieving excellence.

Coaching is about change.

Changing the way you think WILL change the way you feel. Changing the way you feel WILL change the things that you do. Changing the things that you do WILL change the results that you get! Small consistent changes, over time, create MASSIVE life changing outcomes.

Coaching bridges the gap between dreams and reality.

When we dream, we create the first step in turning that dream into a reality. Turning that dream into reality will enable us to reach for even bigger dreams. Our ability to achieve bigger and better dreams comes from our natural human desire to progress. Coaching pours fuel on the fire of that desire. 

Coaching is about channelling frustration.

People come to coaching because they recognise that there is a difference between their current situation and their desired situation, between their intention and their behaviour, between what they have and what they want. Often this frustrates them, frustration is great, it means you are ready to do something about your situation. Coaching is about discovering what the correct thing to do is. Goal setting is the core driver behind success in coaching.

P = p – i      “Performance = potential – interference”

-Tim Gallwey, The Inner Game of Tennis

How quickly should coaching work?

This depends on the context. In some cases, where for example a client has a presentation to deliver, they may want rapid tangible results. In other cases, coaching may be about incremental change that requires ideas and process to take root in the unconscious of the coachee. The short-term effectiveness of this approach is less obvious, though the results can be just as profound.

How do I apply for coaching?

Fill in a contact form with your contact information and what you would like to achieve from being coached by Stephen and we will get back to you and arrange a date for a free 15 minute over the phone consultation to discuss your goals.