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Burn the Bullshit: How to live before you die

Self improvement just improved itself with a book about destroying limiting beliefs and getting the life that you deserve. Stephen Doran teaches you how to live before you die

“You’re going to die, we are all going to die, that I can guarantee, what I can’t guarantee for you is that you are going to live!” – Stephen Doran 

This is not your conventional approach to ‘positive thinking’ as I’m sure you can tell.  This book will take you on a journey, with humorous anecdotes from the author, backed by psychological research and topped with wisdom passed on from of some of the most successful people on the planet you will learn to identify what is stopping you from actualising the life you deserve. 

Set yourself free from the BS by the powerful act of physically burning your disempowering belief in one of the life changing exercises within the book. 

As a result of reading Stephen’s ‘Burn The Bullshit : How To Live Before You Die’ you will benefit from learning:

• How to overcome your fears to get to where you want in life
• Learn to identify what is stopping you from forging the life you deserve
• How ‘thinking about your thinking’ can you help master your mindset
• Breaking through any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a happier, more ‘success filled’ life
• How to generate more resourceful and empowering states

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