Stephen Doran has written many published articles and is an official blogger for The Huffington Post. He has appeared on television on BBC’s ‘Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week’ taking on both the physical and mental challenges of being put through the grueling training sessions of the world’s elite military programs. A key investor on Dave channel’s investment show ‘The Money Pit’, a Dragon’s Den style investment show, he seizes the opportunity to help others grow and uses his coaching and mentoring skills to support others to reach their potential in business. He recently published his first book ‘Burn The Bullshit’ which reached the number 1 spot on Amazon in all of its categories overtaking Dale Carnegie’s ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’. His focus now is on passing on the tools and techniques that made him successful; to coach individuals, established coaches, professional athletes and musicians to increase their performance effectiveness in all areas of their lives. A board member for well known charity Young Enterprise and head of his childhood borough Lewisham, Stephen is a firm believer in giving back, in particular to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Stephen is well known for his many YouTube videos promoting the ‘Live Daily’ theme and for his powerful tips and techniques on how to lead a fulfilling life of contribution and achievement.



After growing up in South East London, Stephen left school and undertook various jobs before qualifying as a Firefighter at the tender age of eighteen. Seven years into that career he decided to become his own boss and left to develop his own business portfolio. To date he has created and managed several successful businesses including a Laser Clinic, a Mixed Martial Arts company, a cabaret event and more recently the ‘Peak Performance Academy’ a venture close to his heart and based on his personal approach to life.

Stephen’s formula for success combines physical fitness with a positive mental outlook underpinned with unwavering self-belief. Stephen regularly runs training courses such as his NLP practitioner course and teaches subjects such as Public Speaking, Confidence and the ‘Psychology of Success’. His energies are nowadays focused on Personal/Professional Development industry where he aims to help others develop happy lives and achieve their goals.


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